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    • I hear most people say they gain weight in the winter and lose weight in the summer. I am the complete opposite! Do you or anyone you know have the same issue? I not only gain weight in the summer, but I lose energy and slump into a mini depression. Nothing awful, but enough of a dip that I notice. Through the seasons, my eating habits don’t change, my physical activities stay the same (and maybe even increase because there is a lot to do)... it’s like my body hates the heat. As soon as it starts cooling off, I drop a lot of weight and become a ball of energy. Maybe it’s a genetic thing? My father’s side came from a very cold region (Iceland). Any thoughts or insight?

    • I live in the Phoenix area. Summer heat here is akin to cabin fever in Alaska. (I’ve lived in both)

      Literally coooped up in air conditioning and not able to enjoy the outdoors. I’ve also observed that people from Northern countries do not tolerate the heat as well. Although it always amazes me the amount of fair skinned redheads around this area. I do think you have a point with your tolerance to heat. I do think we adapt however. I used to not sleep above 68 degrees and now I can tolerate sleeping at 74 degrees. Still grateful when summer is over.

      Seems as though I put on weight in both seasons however. Yikes!

    • I feel the same way in California. I like to go on walks throughout the workday to take breaks but in the summer it will stay above 85 for most of the day.

      As a side note, in cooler temperatures your body does have to burn more calories to generate heat for thermal regulation. In warm temps the body just sweats and becomes lethargic to stay cool.

    • i'm 100% the same as far as weight gain / loss!

      In the winter when it's colder and dark out early I love to go to workout classes 6-7 times a week where it's hot, high energy and I release a ton of endorphins. I probably lose somewhere between 10 - 15 pounds of fat and add 5 pounds of muscle.

      In the summer, I like to be by the pool, eating lobster rolls and drinking fun drinks / wine. My 3-4 mile maintenance runs aren't quite as effective, or frequent.

    • I always joke that I’m the opposite of Superman. I wilt in the heat. The sun is my kryptonite. Oregon is a good place for me to live, it turns out. 😅

    • I've got the seasonal affective disorder wherein too much heat and light bring me down. I am far happier in winter's cool and dark. Red hair and blue eyes.

    • I do the same. Typically gain in the summer, as I'm usually indoors more. I'd much rather be outside cycling, climbing, or just about anything else when it's cool than hot.