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    • i'm 100% the same as far as weight gain / loss!

      In the winter when it's colder and dark out early I love to go to workout classes 6-7 times a week where it's hot, high energy and I release a ton of endorphins. I probably lose somewhere between 10 - 15 pounds of fat and add 5 pounds of muscle.

      In the summer, I like to be by the pool, eating lobster rolls and drinking fun drinks / wine. My 3-4 mile maintenance runs aren't quite as effective, or frequent.

    • I always joke that I’m the opposite of Superman. I wilt in the heat. The sun is my kryptonite. Oregon is a good place for me to live, it turns out. 😅

    • I've got the seasonal affective disorder wherein too much heat and light bring me down. I am far happier in winter's cool and dark. Red hair and blue eyes.

    • I do the same. Typically gain in the summer, as I'm usually indoors more. I'd much rather be outside cycling, climbing, or just about anything else when it's cool than hot.