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    • Wow, that must have been frightening. In that vein....

      My sister in law is a very good pilot, and the only one I know who has actually killed a deer, in flight, while almost 6 feet above a runway on final approach in a single engine aircraft - the deer did make a mess of her propeller, but she did land safely and get stopped, but only after killing bambi. Ths occurred at a small short private strip in western Pennsylvania.

      I have been aboard several Apaches that made a low run over the air strip in Costa Rica before landing to remind the kids and dogs to depart the runway for a landing aircraft.

      In the Florida Keys my wife and booked a light ROW from a small private office for a tourist flight around Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. But after three tries to take off running down the bay, at the tree line in front of us, before finally aborting , the large 6'4" 260 pound pilot returned to the office and found a smaller 5'8" 145 pound pilot who succeeded in getting us and their load of freight in the Cessna ROW airborn for a successful flight. True story 😎

      I watched a Beaver pilot open the door to our aircraft, in flight, to reach outside the cockpit, to perform some minor maintenance in northern Canada. As a passenger, I didn't know whether to be alarmed, or reassured, about our pilot's competence.

      I don't know what it is about runners - I had two of them, dressed totally in black, running on a county highway in the dark about 10 pm last night; with tiny headlights, and a tiny LED on their waist in the back that I am certain they thought was much brighter than it actually was. They were just ghosts in my pick up's LED headlights - almost invisible until I was within 30 yards of them. Fortunately I was alert, observant, and not speeding - only driving about 40 mph on the county highway. I know they had the right of way, and that was perfectly fine with me. But one can easily get killed while having the legal right of way too. If one is running in the dark, one really needs to make an effort to be seen by drivers. Black sweats in not an ideal garment for running safely at night.

      When I was working I used to commute about 15 miles to and from work about 9 months of the year by bicycle - which meant even in early December I was riding home in the traffic after 5pm in total darkness - bright headlights and tail lights and neon jerseys were the order of the day. Most of my ride was not in real lighted urban traffic, but dark, tree covered county highways.

      I have searched and searched for episode 2 of "The Last Motorcycle on Earth" without success. I am not the only one looking as episode 2 is a search choice Google offers me, so many others are looking as well. The first episode was originally supposed to be crowd sourced but apparently that wasn't very successful, and they ended up self financing.....