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    • Last month I watched a short film on mindfulness and deliberate intent. It’s an old black and white that @mbravo shared and highly recommended.

      A scenario had two people bumping into each other when rounding an office hallway. Neither was paying attention or slowing down when they turned the corner.

      Since watching the film, I’ve been much more mindful, and even this morning I averted a couple near misses at the office: we have a lot of hallways and corners in the building. It still requires conscious thought to consistently practice this; I’m almost at automaticity where I slow down and pause a beat before turning a corner. It’s a small thing, but I appreciate the calmer mind as a result of the deliberate mindfulness.

    • That's the beauty of it, isn't it? One doesn't actually have to subscribe to the whole mindfulness thing, but just to identify something that seems genuinely good/useful, believe in it and start practicing. And it will give fruit.