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    • I know, that's terrible. We have a new version of the app that allows that in Testflight, but we couldn't get Apple to accept it (not for that reason tho; one of the reasons is they want us to have a EULA).

    • One thing you haven't mentioned (unless I missed it) was a comparison of the ability to download large numbers of ones pictures from each of the services. My experience with Amazon in the past was that large downloads were a disaster and simply never worked properly. Zipping jpegs is an exercise in frustration with little to no file compression. There were limitations on the file size which could only be determined by trial-and-error. Perhaps Amazon has improved their process in the last few years. I still use Google for my jpegs but my big problem with them is that they do not allow one to search on the text added to the info field. I think it can be done if you add the photos to Drive but then you end up having to pay for storage.

    • First of all, for Google and Amazon, never consider these services as your only copy. Therefore, using them should only be a compliment to your actual photos that are stored someplace else.

      Apple Photos does sync to the Mac if you use the Photos app, but I would still have a backup(multiple preferably) of everything.

    • Yes, I agree and I subscribe to the 3-2-1 theory. 3 copies on at least 2 different mediums with 1 copy stored off site. I have all my photos on an external portable hard drive. That drive is backed up using rsync to 2 other portable hard drives 1 of which is usually located at another physical location. These drives each use a different type of file system. Additionally, the pictures are backed up using the Backblaze online service. This is done automatically. I chose them because they not only have free download restores, either single files or groups, but they also offer to send you the files on a USB stick or on a hard drive. You get the cost of the drive back when you return it. I also back up my LightRoom catalog automatically to Dropbox. And finally I run SuperDuper on the MacBook Pro.

    • I don't know how recently they launched their backup & sync app for Mac OS, but I just tried downloading specific folders and it seemed to work really well. There's no zipping. You simply pick a folder to download and a location to download it and off you go. I have a big, general folder for family and it seemed to come right down.

    • I am a big fan of SuperDuper for many years. It has saved me from Bricks created by Apple updates occasionally, even. Just reboot from one of my external drives, and my bricked Mac was re-animated!

      I use SuperDuper to back up both my boot drive and my external data drives - 3 copies of each, scattered around.

    • Ahh, thanks. That's definitely new since I last tried Amazon. They were even worse with music service downloads. That's the $25 extra per year service they formerly offered. The downloads were zipped and usually failed. And, if you were a classical music fan the online selection tool wouldn't display the full piece name! But, I digress. Given your positive experience I'm going to give them another try with my pictures since I'm a prime guy.

    • I'd love to know what you think once you get into it. I'm having a very good experience. One thing I should point out is the facial recognition problems I'm having with Amazon are among 5 cousins and sisters who look eerily alike, even to adults in their schools who mix them up. I don't know what sorcery Google uses to get them right.

      One thing I didn't test is which services I can link to here on Cake. Here goes:





      👆I happen to really like Amazon's wording; it's so personal. Also, Google says New Photo, but it's an olde one.

    • I agree, Amazon's wording is very warm and personal. In Google's defense it is a new picture to me even if old to you.
      Adobe seems to have good face recognition, but Google's is scary good!

    • When G+ was still a great thing and Google Photos first came out I set up the photos backup to run against my raw files as a secondary backup to my main backup strategy. The sync app was horrible and it took months, but I backed up at least 200,000+ images. I had to let it run until I was approaching my former 300GB comcast data limit and then pause it until the next month.

      When they poorly handled G+ and the updated sync app was even worse, I stopped using it. Now I only upload processed images manually for some family photos to share, but I still have the massive library of several years of raw images out there. Currently Google says I have 237,346 images on Google Photos.

      You are right the facial recognition is scary good.

      I love using Google Photos for searches. It is really good at finding things by location or what the image is a photo of. I used to use it often as a way to find a specific image that I knew about but didn't remember which year (I keep my LR libraries separated by year and file folders separated by year and event). I still use it some, but since my recent photos aren't there, I don't use it.

      I'm not really much of a Google fan anymore given how poorly they handled G+ demise and all of the things the non-privacy friendly things that do now as you referenced. I also get tired of using a Google product that they have some people build 80% of the way and then abandon and eventually kill a few years later. I'm not going down that road again.

      When Amazon announced unlimited I uploaded a ton of images there as well, but their uploader had no way to say don't upload files of this type, so when I pointed it at my pictures file tree I ended up including some non-photos and RAW files and hit my limit of non photos. It was too much work to separate the .jpg files form the non-.jpg files, so I gave up after it had synchronized 86,922 images (I just logged into to get the count). That was back in 2017 and I haven't checked to see if their uploader was more intelligent since then.

      I hate how Apple handles photo synchronization and backup. I used to have an Android phone, but changed jobs and we only sell iPhone software, so I have an iPhone now. I have photos sync disabled on my iPhone and iPad because I hate how their sync works, so I don't have a library on Apple. I have Google Photos on my iPhone setup since it backs up the HEIF files in native raw format from your iPhone. I also hate that when I download an image to my iPhone, Apple strips all of the EXIF data and changes the date of the photo to the day it was downloaded. If Google Photos then backs it up, it ends up being on the wrong date because of this.