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    • Vilen
      Vilen Rodeski

      With so many great photographers joining Cake, we heard you loud and clear that Lightbox was needed badly!

      Now you can view any image in a conversation nice and big. To enter the Lightbox - click or tap on the image; to exit the Lightbox - click or tap anywhere on the screen again.

      Please keep your feedback and suggestions coming 😉

    • RussP
      Russ in Sydney

      A big thank you, to team Cake

    • wx

      That's lovely. Nice work, y'all. How do I link a photo, not upload it? When I click the photo icon I only see the upload option.

    • vegasphotog

      I was the 1000% lucky to get 1) a lottery permit into Denali Nat'l Park and, 2) having the skies open up to see the mountain...this is about 60 miles into the park at 25 degrees

    • yaypie


      You can link to a photo by selecting some text and clicking the link icon in the editor toolbar to create a text link, but if you're looking for a way to embed a linked photo in your post, that's not something Cake currently supports. Link embeds are on our todo list, but they're a ways out.

    • kikoteixeira

      Congrats to the team for making this happen.

      Now, perhaps just to state the obvious... is it feasible to think about some level of integration between Cake and SmugMug/Flickr?

    • wx

      OK, thanks.

    • yaypie

      What kind of integration do you have in mind?

    • vonwong


    • yaypie

      Cake currently allows uploads of JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and HEIC images up to 20MB in size. For display we convert images to JPEG (sRGB) and downsize as necessary. Other than this, the only limit is your imagination. 🌈🦄

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