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Model Dawn in front of the famous "Alien Frog" mural, also known as Jeremiah The Innocent Mural.  This mural is located on the northwest corner of Guadalupe and 21st street in Austin.  It is right across from the UT campus, diagonally across from Dobie Mall.

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This mural was done in 1993 by Daniel Johnston (not related to me. See - ) based on a cartoon character done by himself in 1983. January 22 is Daniel Johnston's birthday.

A few years ago a new business establishment was going in where this mural was located and the mural was scheduled for destruction. Protest by supporters of Austin street art saved the mural. It costs the business an extra $50,000 to modify their remodeling plans to save the artwork. That business eventually closed and was replaced by another business.

What is interesting is the Austin community "maintains" this mural.  If it is defaced by graffiti, you will see people painting over the graffiti and "restoring" the mural back the way that it was previously.

An interesting fact is Model Dawn's image was taken 19.3 miles North of Austin in Round Rock, Texas at Veteran's Park in front of the dam at water level during a waterfall shoot. See -

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Model/Wardrobe: Dawn Mann

Photographer: Paul Johnston

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