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    • Curtin University has started up another session of the Noongar Language and Culture course I did last year. It's free (unless you want a certificate) and doesn't have any pressure - you go through at your own pace. Check it out here. You've got 7 months until it closes.

      Given that this year is the International Year of Indigenous languages you might like to have a look, especially if you live in the South West of Western Australia, on Nyungar boodja. It's an excellent course, it was fun and you'll learn heaps! The audio glossary is invaluable and worth it by itself!

      You'll get considerably more than #5words there. :-)

      I've actually registered for it again even though I did it last year (got the certificate and everything!) as it will help to keep it fresh in my mind!

      Let's look up for our #5words today!

      worl - sky
      ngank - sun, also mother and thumb
      miyak or mika - moon
      djinda - star
      koondart - cloud