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    • would be great if

      a) the full text of the reply was included in the mail message

      b) you could reply back by replying to the mail

      Both were features that Facebook cut off in order to drive you back to the app and shower you with more notifications :(

    • There’s actually one really big problem with including post content in email notifications: it would be a huge potential avenue for spam, and Cake’s email reputation could suffer, possibly to the extent that it would prevent us from being able to deliver emails entirely. Reliable email delivery is reeeeally tricky these days.

      So, as nice as that feature would be (and I agree it would be nice), it’s probably not one we’re likely to add, at least not in the near term. Sorry. 🙁

    • I hope you can reconsider in the future. I participate in a forum using Discourse and they have extremely little spam while also having these features

      For certain as is the feature is “spammy” (content of messages have tiny value and can fill your inbox if you are actually active on the site) and would need a digest mode (one mail per day for all replies).

      Thank you

    • one thing w/,email notifications (and maybe this is just happening to me on chrome mobile) but when I click on the link in gmail it takes to me to the email but says I’m not logged into Cake, even though in another chrome window I already am. So to use the email on Chrome mobile I have to relog in again but then I’m not I’m the message being notified. If that makes any sense.

    • Ouch, that sounds super annoying. Are you using the Gmail app in this scenario, or the Gmail website in Chrome mobile? Also, is this on iOS or Android?

      It sounds like what might be happening is that there are two apps involved (like the Gmail app and the Chrome app) and they're not sharing login cookies, so logging into one doesn't log you in on the other.

      There's not much Cake can do about how your browsers or apps choose to store data, but we could at least improve the login flow to take you back to where you came from before you logged in. I'll make sure that happens.

    • Thanks for those details! I managed to reproduce the problem. I think I know what might be happening, but it seems to be a bug in Chrome mobile so I'm not sure we'll be able to fix it. But I'll see what I can do.

      In the meantime, I found a workaround: after tapping a link in Gmail and loading the page in Chrome where you're logged out, you can just reload the page and suddenly you'll be logged in (assuming you were already logged into Cake in Chrome before tapping the link).