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    • I wish we had more time to spend there but we had to get back. I’d love to go there again and spend an entire day photographing the gardens and its flowers. The light keeps changing during the day and opens up opportunities for all kinds of creative shots. In case you decide to visit, here is the map of The Butchart Gardens:

    • Thanks for sharing, this place is now on my list of "must see" gardens. I imagine it would be worth many visits. I think I'm jealous of the people who live close by.

    • Tremendous photos Vilen and enjoyed your write-up. Sometimes I have to sell myself on paying a premium to enter any sort of "gardens", but, your entry fee seems absolutely worth it.

      I imagine immediately you were transcended to this state of mind.

    • Great photos. I've lived in Victoria for 27 yrs. and have never been there. Beacon Hill Park has great gardens also and is free. Another great garden in Abgazi Garden in the Fairfield neighborhood.

    • BTW - those first two shots of the pansy baskets are both spectacular. I love the narrow depth of field effect. My inclination would have been to put more in focus, but seeing your results I think that would have been a mistake - the bokeh adds a nice dreamlike effect.