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    • Collaboration is both fundamental and essential to science, and the field of genetics is a great illustration the importance of collaboration. Genetics has been one of the earlier fields in biology to move into 'big data'- this requires enormous amounts of computing expertise. Genetics also requires expert knowledge of molecular systems and pathway biology- e.g. how does a mutation in DNA translate into disruptions in proteins and then lead to disease? In human genetics we also have to understand the physics of how the genome is measured at scale- often via measurements of light and energy emitted in chemical reactions. Chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science, mathematics and statistics, epidemiology, and molecular biology all are integrated into this one amazing science. My background has prepared me with skills in math and biology, but I rely on the expertise of neurologists in my Alzheimer's Disease research, and speech and language pathologists in my research in Developmental Stuttering- success in human genomics is the due to incredibly thoughtful and hardworking experts coming together from across the disciplines.