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    • I have lived in Las Vegas now entering my 11th year and it still surprises me that my current residence is the longest I have ever lived anywhere as an adult. And, I don't gamble and rarely go to the Strip. But, great weather, low cost of living and cool peeps once you get plugged in makes for a nice quality of life.

      I enjoy shooting architecture but far from being an architectural photographer. But, a local and relatively new non-profit; Nevada Preservation Foundation really kicked up a great event last year called the Homes & History weekend that is somewhat of a spinoff from from the big Palm Springs extravaganza.

      Anyway, I am one of their main marketing vendors doing all their printing and providing swag, etc but I also volunteer my services to do "event photography" over the weekend.

      This year they did something new called a Celebrity Bike Tour where you do a 6-mile loop on bike-share bikes with helmets included. What a really great way to meet people and get plugged in. Anyway, if you have been to Vegas and not ventured down Palomino Lane which is just west of downtown, do it on your next trip. Or, if you like mid-century modern, plan to come out for the event next year. People really seem to enjoy the unique history of old Vegas.

      Here is a pic of everyone just cruising the neighborhood. A little excercise, meet some new people and see some bitchin cribs.

    • I have a love-hate relationship with Vegas because I thought of it as people in smoky casinos playing slot machines. But in 2006 they hosted the Silverman triathlon, which was one of the greatest endurance sports events I've ever been in. We swam in Lake Mead, which was amazing, rode in the red rock country around lake mead, and then the run wound through Henderson. Wow, Henderson is nice. They had us run through a mall, basically, and along a row of cafes with diners outside cheering us on in the evening (it was a really tough IronMan, so we were out there for a long time). We got to see lots of residential neighborhoods and it changed my view on Vegas.

      They offered $100K to any relay team who could break 8 hours, so they came with world-class open-water swimmers, Tour de France champion cyclists, and 2:11 caliber marathoners. One team almost broke 8 hours until the Kenyan marathoner they had blew up in the hills of Henderson. Damn we gained and lost a lot of altitude that day. 10,000' on the bike, 3,800' on the marathon. Vegas sure knows how to throw a party.