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    • As a follow on from the previous post 'Keeping Mosquitoes At Bay, What Do You Use?', what about if you are riding, maybe like me you primarily use goggles but a visor can have the same effect...when you stop the bugs are attracted to your carbon monoxide as you breathe out. Especially mosquitoes and black fly, then they go looking for blood!

      This isn’t rocket science, but just maybe something you hadn’t thought of…

      Regardless what it is they can be a problem, whether it's flies, mosquitoes, black fly, bees, wasps, etc you get the idea.

      The absolute top 5 worst areas I’ve found around the planet where all variation of flies have been Alaska, Siberia, Mongolia, Scotland, and Labrador. I know you can tell me worse places?

      If any of the above is on your, ‘to ride list this year’, or anywhere else come to that, that’s known for flying pests, do yourself a favor spend a couple of dollars and get a fly head net/ mesh…but take your helmet with you when you go to buy it. If you like to order online this one is a good option

      I ride mostly with an MX/ ADV style helmet and goggles in the dirt and an ADV helmet on a bigger bike with a windshield with the visor up and sunglasses on.

      In bug-ridden areas, they just get in the helmet, sometimes when riding but always when you stop for a minute or two. And how about when you stop at the end of the day to set up camp…do they go right in your ears too?

      A head net is an answer obviously, but one that fits over your helmet, it's a very simple basic tip but might stop you going insane when that bug is taking the direct route to your ear cavity…now it can’t. You can just ride in comfort, stop in comfort, set up camp in your helmet (if need be) in comfort

      How I wear it, photo below, but you could just as easily put it over your head then put your helmet on, do what works best for you. I found black as the best color to use, other color seem to reflect some light and reduce your vision.

      …and a little extra tip, if Labrador is on your list the black fly there are hardcore and a lot of people are allergic to their bite…I’m included in that list, cover up regardless

      When you buy that head net, get the absolute finest mesh you can buy. When I was there the mesh stopped the mosquitoes, but the black fly could fit through because they are tiny. I replaced with the one shown above for $2 from Walmart

      To clean just put it under running water at the end of the day

      if the next day you feel you don't need it, they pack so small you can stuff it between the helmet padding and outer shell, then you will always have it with you