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    • South America is not quite popular destination for Pakistanis, i don't think we are quite touristic nation compared to others. Mexico abandoned its Embassy in Pakistan long ago, making it next to impossible to visit Mexico for an average Pakistani. I got my pre-approved visa from Turkey, landed in Colombia changed flight in Panama after going through US border security check (they were very polite and professionals) and finally reached Mexico City after 24 hours of journey. This was my business tour so i had peace of mind that i won't have troubles in immigration. Complete hi-res gallery

    • I was staying near Texcoco a small town near Mexico City. Every evening after training i used to go to Texcoco center with my camera, to bad it was raining in evenings and i was staying in my hostel for most of the time :(

    • I love the fact that any street i decided to walk through had continuous supply of something to shoot

    • I found it very interesting culture, totally opposite of South Asia. I don't know how my family will react on putting this in my gallery....

    • I requested a trip to Zocalo area which was accepted! but with limited time in hand.

    • Not a new concept for me my mom called it Dhuni and used to smoke whole house to get rid of evil spirits :D

    • Had to rush back to house of tiles, our meeting point as 35 minutes time frame expired!

    • Beautiful photo essay, Awais. It brought back so many fond memories of Mexico City for me.

      I never would have imagined a Pakistani would have to make such a tortuous trip to go to Mexico. Wow.