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    • Fascinating! The Adventist studies, especially Adventist 2, is the closest thing we have to a long-term randomized control trial in nutrition. It's fabulous.

      They break it down into 5 types of Adventists — one who eat a little meat, three variations of vegetarians including pesco and lacto vegetarians, and vegans. I've deep-ended on the study and read a couple books about it and listened to the study director speak. The vegans really do stand apart in so many different ways, among them maintaining an average BMI of 22.5.

    • Interesting! My parents were pretty much in the green range of that chart, right on the dividing line between dark and light green. In my childhood I developed a milk allergy and quit drinking it but continued enjoying eggs. Then in middle age I began including poultry and fish. Last year my youngest son sent me The Complete Gude to Fasting and I've been following an intermittent fasting regime since; basically by eating the first meal of the day in early afternoon, a lighter meal about 5 or 6 hours later and fasting 17 to 18 hours before the next "breakfast". I've lost 10 pounds or so and feel much better. Thanks to your posts here on Cake I just obtained Fiber Fueled and am motivated to move in the vegan direction.

    • Well, Plant Based News, which has half a million subscribers, asked for permission to upload the video to their channel and I granted it. They changed the cover and title a little but already have 12,000 views in a few hours:

      Then someone from TED called and asked if I can do a modified version for them. 🤯

    • Thanks! Plant Based News like it enough they asked me to debunk a British beef industry ad that they could run on their channel. That's what I've been doing the last couple of days.

    • Superb video, Chris! Makes sense, too. It is my firmly held belief that I am blessed with the "world's greatest" granddaughters--three of them, in fact. But it is quite possible that you have, at the very least, the "world's second greatest" granddaughters. Excellent communicators right there!