Why Rodrigo y Gabriela is good for your soul

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“I never do playlists, radios and similar algorithmic music selections, I listen to albums almost exclusively. I still consider the album to be the complete musical statement. A single is just a slice, a mere taste of the whole thing.”

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As if testing trikes and Harleys wasn’t enough, @Chris takes time to test drive cheezecake.


Where are you calling home one month after the closure of G+?  @JazliAziz lives a dual platform existence and has some very nice things to say about Cake—I hope the Cake team reads this!


I learned that you can’t convince someone that vaccines saves lives if they believe that vaccines cause more harm than good.

“The problem with mainstream media frenzy on this topic is that there is no dialogue. There is only one side of the story which is vaccines are safe and whoever is against them (so called anti-vaxxers) are idiots who believe the Earth is flat and are endangering the population.” (@tornadik )

“My father was incensed that he should be forced to wear a seatbelt because he was an engineer who could demonstrate how they created harm. He was absolutely right, he could. I was of the point of view that they saved far more lives than they took and I believed the data had spoken. We became close in time but we could never talk about seatbelts because it upset him so.  As a scientist, I feel a deep sense of moral responsibility to say I believe vaccines save more lives than they harm and the data have spoken.” (@Chris )

The above extremely civil and thoughtful debate has been going on since February 26th, and 89 posts later there’s a more nuanced understanding of the issues.

Here’s post #52 out of 141, where it all began.


Okay what else did I learn on Cake?

Hydrogen is an extremely complex and expensive fuel to put in your car, but it might be the environmental solution for powering ships and trains.

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Tulips.  What’s not to love?

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I asked the author of “Applied Empathy: The New Language of Leadership” this question

“What has most surprised you from your speaker series on empathy?”

and here was his fascinating response.


How do you deal with trolls on social media?  @lidja shares her insights.


Newcomer @ChrisKlerkx shares his thoughts on how he tackled a challenging recreational math puzzle.


Inventor extraordinaire @EricSchneider talks about the teachers who inspired and guided him on his maker journey.


Is Luminary the new “Netflix for Podcasts”?  A user talks about its potential benefits over Spotify.

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