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    • Really enjoy this conversaiton and reading everyone's responses. I'd like to echo everyone's thoughts with regards to "taking a break" or "doing something else." It seems similar to physical activity in certain ways. If you work out too hard or too long, you have to build in recovery time or you could get burnt out or injured. For me, creativity feels like a finite resource in the same way, and when exhausted, it needs time to regroup.

      I sometimes use video games, binge watch a show, or listen to music when I'm feeling out of creative juice. Eventually, I start to feel the creative fuel tank refill.

      Sometimes though, and this might seem counter to what was said already, I think it's ok to just push through or force yourself to work on something even when you don't want to. I find that creative roadblocks can sometimes be pushed aside if I just force myself to work through them. I might spin my wheels for a little bit, but usually once I get going, it starts to come back.

      I suppose to keep the working out analogy going, sometimes you just really don't want to go on that 6am run, but once you're out there, you start to feel better. And when you're done, you're really glad you went.