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    • Honestly, years ago I was listening to him being interviewed on a podcast and he went into the supplement stuff and it affected my view of him. I have this bias that if you fall for the marketing hype around sport supplements, what other things are you susceptible to believing without real evidence?

      I thought of him last year when I attended a lecture from Stanford football's team doctor. He said Stanford, like many top football programs, have removed all the potions, powders and vitamins from their training rooms and replaced them with an emphasis on fruit, beans, veggies, nuts and whole grains with great success.

    • I'd ask him to write more science books! Okay I assume he'll keep doing that so I'd ask him what his thoughts are about the future of space research and what he thinks we'll find out there in the universe and what he hopes we will find.

      Uh...I think I am talking about Tim Ferris the science writer and other people are talking about Tim Ferriss or some other Tim Ferris. I'm confused...I suspect you may have spelled his name Ferris when you meant Ferriss... ??