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    • Hi, I’m Zaccy. I’m happy to join the Cake community. I look forward to contributing to conversations and sharing my own work and thoughts here; I’m a multidisciplinary artist & travel enthusiast from the USA. Thank-You for checking out my first post!

      This is a black & white self portrait.

      Canon 1DX Mark II

      Canon 50mm f1.2L lens

      Edited in Adobe Lightroom Classic

    • Hey Zaccy, welcome! Great portrait. Is that a ring flash I see reflected in your eyes?

      How did you come to use a Canon 1DX? That is my favorite camera I have ever owned, but...I, erem, drowned mine in the ocean when my underwater housing leaked. My wife, who said she gave me an unlimited budget for camera gear but that I exceeded it, hasn't forgiven me. 😢

      The 1DX is such an awesome action camera. Here's a shot I took with mine. I have the Canon 200-400 f/4 lens, which explains my wife's exceeded his unlimited budget comment. (Sophie was going face-first down the slip 'n slide.)

    • Hi Chris! Thanks for sharing.

      I fell in love with the 1DXmkii when I was making the move from a crop-sensor DSLR to a Full-Frame, at some point I decided if I was going to spend a small fortune on a camera I ought to buy the best - hopefully mine doesn’t meet the same fate as yours 😨 I’ll be sure to keep it out of water!

      & yes that is a ring light 💡

    • This is the little creep who caused my camera to drown. I had the underwater housing on my hotel room floor and he noticed the big O-ring. He began wearing it as a necklace. I didn't notice, threw my 1Dx in the O-ringless housing, and went diving. It didn't end well.

      That adorableness tho.