In San Blas Panama last year, sailing between Panama and Colombia, I did a short stop off in San Blas. Beautiful weather, amazing scenery, idyllic beaches, paradise islands...lots of them to explore.

I'm a very strong swimmer and feel comfortable in most scenarios involving water so off I went, the water was warm and I had a day free. Put a waterproof camera around my neck and went swimming

In this area, the water is mostly shallow, and lots of wildlife

I decided to swim to a recent wreck to have a closer look, the ill fated San Blas Ferry that ran aground on its second voyage

After a look around it was time to swim back, maybe a mile or so...and then the rain started, torrential rain.

The wind picked up and visibility at times was almost zero (luckily) for only about 15 minutes. There was no choice but to tread water and float until the storm passed. As I was doing this, not feeling too uncomfortable I did wonder how a less strong swimmer would have handled this situation.

By the time the rain had subdued, the sun was starting to set and San Blas went back to its normal idyllic self