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    • Probably a fork. Maybe a cup or glass. I actually thought about this for a while and come to the realization that most things are unnecessary. Maybe my underwear...

    • Interesting question.

      Define useful: Used most of the day, or used intermittently, but very important when used occaisionally?

      Running water - heating and air conditioning? Probably reliable electric grid is one of the very highest things but we all take for granted. At home, I only need natural gas to flow, and I have electricity, even if the power grid is down. That's how important electricity is to me. Solar power is not reliable in my neighborhood due to clouds.

      Not the expected answer certainly but things most of us would miss greatly if they were absent. I just had my furnace and air conditioning totally ripped out and replaced last summer, so I experienced its absence for a brief time. I missed it when it was absent.

      I think for many folks ( especially those over 45 ), glasses ( or their optical equivalent, contact lenses ) would have to be high up on the list

      But then for many folks insulin and other life saving drugs used daily would rank very high too.

      One can live very nicely without a laptop despite what folks think. Spend a couple weeks way off the grid, and tell me how useful your laptop is then - it may be just a paper weight if there is no electric power available and no cellular connection available like in much of Greenland outside the few cities.

      Lithium powered tools for some also - drill, saws, routers, lithium battery powered flash lights certainly