I am a bit torn about celebrating this breakthrough treatment for a terrible rare genetic disease.

“The children are cured," Dr. Ewelina Mamcarz, one of the study leaders at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis told NBC News. “They came to us as little infants, some of them as young as 2 months, with severe infections. Now they are home, living normal lives, attending daycare."

At first I was very happy that the treatment seems to be working well for these children. But then I read this:

"Rights to it have been licensed by St. Jude to Mustang Bio. Doctors say they have no estimate on what it might cost if it does become an approved treatment. They say they also hope to try it for more common problems such as sickle cell disease."

Oh, dear. Is Big Business going to try to make a huge profit off of this treatment and make it impossible for everyone to be cured? The article mentioned some sponsors earlier in the article so I had hoped the treatment could become readily available but now it sounds like might be used for profits.