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    • The structure next to the tipple at this mine northeast of Montezuma, Colorado used to be a trestle for heavy ore carts, but it now looks like it can barely support its own weight.

    • Chris MacAskill

      Love the photo, Doug, and I love love love that area. But oh my God, that's the Pennsylvania Mine. 😱

      In my past I was a geophysicist involved in ground water testing and the world has no understanding of what they have there. The heavy metals that go into the groundwater, creeks and rivers kill the fish, the property values, and give people cancer and whatnot, but here's where it gets crazy scary: you can clean it up mostly but it requires a huge effort from the EPA and it's like disarming a bomb. Sometimes when you try, it goes off. And then they blame the EPA in and it becomes a huge national scandal. I think everyone should see this short video.

    • That's a great video, thanks for sharing. A lot of these abandoned mines are indeed a mess. The last time I visited this site, the cleanup hadn't started yet, so things have changed a lot since then. This structure is above the Pennsylvania mine, and it looks like it's still there, although the area around it has been tidied up a bit.