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    • I think there is a problem is Vegas wins. The NHL changed the system for selecting players for an expansion team because they wanted a reasonable team that would attract fans right away. It looks like they may have gone too far the other way and gave the Knights an unfair advantage over the other teams that a based upon super stars and salary caps. If they win it breaks the traditional model of good tops lines and weak bottom lines and I bet at least a few teams will try to arrange their teams more in line with how the Knights are arranged. It's the hockey equivalent to Money Ball.

      BTW I'm a huge Sharks fan, been a season ticket holder for 24 seasons. I'm hoping they beat the Knights. :)

    • I feel the same way. One of the guys on Sharks Postgame described it well, saying that the way the draft was set up, Vegas basically built a 2nd-2nd-2nd-3rd line team rather than a 1st-4th. Luckily, the Sharks' 4th line has been performing exceptionally well, so we'll be pretty evenly matched. I'm actually a bit worried that if Thornton jumps back in, he'll throw off the dynamic the Sharks have had since the end of regular season. We've got some great speed thanks to the young guys like Kane and Hertl, and we'll need to keep it fast against Vegas.