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    • At times I get very discouraged with what I see happening to the country next door to me. I have been to the USA hundreds of times and always enjoyed it and the many wonderful people I’ve encountered. Since Trump got voted in I’ve got to being depressed about the turn that’s been taken. Very disheartening and when I see 40+% of Americans saying go Trump go, well let’s just say I shake my head in disbelief. I’m thankful to have Cake to remind me that all is well with the majority of Americans. And I do take heart with Trump supporters who had before been cast aside by politicians of both parties who were more talk than substance. Thank you to Americans on Cake who make my day better and give me strength and hope.

    • As someone who lives in the USA I am appalled by the people who still support our idiot president.

      He should have been removed from office when he was impeached.

    • I live in a super liberal area, some of my family live in a super conservative area, and for 3.5 years we have not been able to understand why we believe such different things so strongly. Yes, I read about abortion, conservative justices, the stock market, but I can’t get comfortable that those are the real reasons why they love him so and hate Obama so much. Could it really be race?

      But the pandemic and his handling of it finally seems to be the one issue that is bringing both sides a little closer. His die-hard supporters have picked up the mantra of no masks, but I think they’re having trouble getting that to stick. Same with anti-Fauci, anti-science.

    • I live in the most conservative part of Canada where the government was conservative for 40 years straight. They were very anti-science, climate denying and so on but I was very encouraged when all politicians in Canada deferred to the science. It is one thing that can bring both sides together. I hope it keeps turning to science in your part of the world.