I have already posted about air pollution in homes and especially from gas appliances, but how about air pollution at work or school?

" At least eight studies in the last seven years have looked at what happens specifically in a room accumulating carbon dioxide, a main ingredient in our exhalations. While the results are inconsistent, they are also intriguing.

They suggest that while the kinds of air pollution known to cause cancer and asthma remain much more pressing as public health concerns, there may also be pollutants whose most detrimental effects are on the mind, rather than the body."

We have been working hard to seal up our buildings to preserve energy but that also means gasses from our bodies and things around us are sealed up as well. Ventilation can be low and studies are showing that our minds as well as our bodies are affected.

"Many studies have also shown that increasing the ventilation rate in schools can raise children’s scores on tests and speed at tasks, and reduce absences."