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    • "Husband & Wife" burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia) in Cape Coral, FL. I've been using Skylum Software Luminar to re-edit/re-purpose old photos. This is a picture from 10 years ago. I was able to breathe new life into it with less than 30 seconds work. #MadeWithLuminar

    • Cute in photos... not so much when in your backyard and threatening to eat your recently hatched chicks and pullets...

      I do love hearing them at night.

    • What a predator - silent, deadly, and they can fly in total ( almost anyway) darkeness.

      Yes, they're cute too, unless you're a mouse or some other small vertebrate.

      Aren't hawks a bigger issue for small chickens than owls?? I think owls prefer mice or voles. I know the ones we were photographing were chasing voles or mice in the fields.

      We do have a nest of 2 peregrine falcons in downtown, and there are lots and lots of bird skeletons beneath the TV towers they sit on watching for prey.

    • For the most part, yes... but hawks are bold enough to announce their presence and intent before they attack. When my chickens hear them, they scurry for cover under the deck, a shrub, in the henhouse, etc... my neighbor's ducks aren't quite as observant or smart. He loses them all the time.

      Owls don't tend to announce before they strike and all you can hear is a woosh of their wings as they strike. VERY unsettling when walking outstide in the evening!

      I live on three acres though, and there are plenty of mice for them to feast upon...