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    • So, I have gone from being quite a busy Freelancer person to ... well, not as busy as I was due to the current 'circumstances'.

      I still have some work in the pipeline but I'm thinking now is a good time to tackle some 'housekeeping'. First up is going through and culling the huge archive of images I've collected since the last time I did so - in 2012.

      So far (early days) I've freed up half a terabyte of disc space - and rediscovered some images I should have taken more notice of at the time.

      Your cunning plans?

    • He’d be cooler if he was in the fridge. (badum tish).

      I currently have less free time, since my vacation plans were cut short and I’m back to work. If I had more free time, I’d fill it planning my basement reno, procesding photos, reading and writing.

    • He’d be cooler if he was in the fridge.

      He would if he could. There are bags of his favourite 'Chunkers' in the Freezer.

      But mostly he contents himself with ...

    • I haven’t been furloughed (yet), but it’s a constructive question to ponder since reduced work schedules have been brought up this week and things are changing on a daily basis. My wife does part-time work writing trivia for a friend’s website; so I could conceivably help with that: he had initially wanted both of us when he pitched the idea two years ago, but I had passed on the opportunity because it’s not a major interest of mine. I think my favorite hobby of sleeping would get more hours devoted to it as well as walking and hiking 🥾 when the weather gets warmer. And of course getting through the huge stack of unread books and magazines that have accumulated: finally, I have a justification for all the books 📚 I’ve bought over the past several years that remain unread. 😉

    • I don't really have downtime. As a postgraduate student, you don't get downtime until you complete your study 😂 I may not be able to go into the lab, but I still have a lot of writing to do, which I can still do from home.