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    • Finally got myself Canon EOS-R an upgrade to 5DMKII. I loved the camera and how accurate it can focus. I was shooting with 70-200 at 200mm when bird started to move away making barrier of feathers, surprisingly camera kept locked on its head while tracking and shooting through feathers. I posted my thoughts and high resolution pics in the gallery

    • Beautiful clicks as usual Awais!

      I am not sure if you spoke about this before, but if not, would you be interested in sharing a short post about how you came to be enamored with photography? I would love to know more about your journey, the cameras and gear you started off with at the beginning, and what gear you aspire to have one day. Also, it would be awesome to see what you would consider to be a few of your best clicks so far!

    • Fwiw, I enjoy your unexpected thoughts shared from time to time. I too would be interested in learning more about @Awais ‘s journey as a visual artist.

    • What a beautiful bird, we have a restaurant named after Monal bird. i was astonished to see Monal the bird in pictures, amazing.