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    • Wow, that was completely fascinating! Nature did an incredible job with reporting the story, what with sliders and such thorough coverage. I loved it.

      The thing about some fraudulent studies, like Andew Wakefield’s infamous paper in the Lancet linking vaccines to Autism, is they can sometimes get big attention because instead of the boring business of validating something we were pretty sure we already knew (vaccines are safe) they make for attention-grabbing headlines (VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM!!).

      The paper can be retracted a year later (it was and his medical license revoked) but it hardly matters. The shot was heard around the world. AUTISM!!! 😱😱🤯😰😵

    • I read something about Autism recently that disturbed me.

      I admit that my previous view of autistic spectrum conditions was based completely on anecdotal information.

      Rather than make more of a comment, read the article linked below (also from Nature) and especially look at the Mental Map graphic and notice the correlations for schizophrenia and depression.

    • Great article. At a small (150 scientists) conference between MIT/Stanford/Harvard last year about diseases of the brain that I attended, I was surprised at how much consensus there was that the elephant in the room is food.

      For the rest of the body, diseases cluster too and it can be hard to put them in a box: heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, etc. But the underlying largest contributor to all of them is our largest environmental exposure, source of neurotoxins, source of inflammation, etc: the 80,000 pounds of food that pass through us in our lifetimes.

      What looks like genetic predisposition, which could also be a factor, is more often the fact that diet runs in families.

      Once you degrade your neurons, a collection of mental disorders begin to manifest.

      I got the impression that Alzheimer’s is leading to this line of thinking more than any other. Studies show that it is so closely tied to lifestyle and that once you get it, there doesn’t seem to be any treatment beyond lifestyle.

    • Mental stability and lack thereof can be analogous to a record player or any mechanism for playing external media.

      I'll use a record player but this could equally be used with a DVD player.

      The machine might be damaged

      The record might be scratched

      What was recorded on the record might be "fake news" or propaganda or something else that is detrimental.

      There could be a combination of these factors.

      Same thing is true of mental stability.

      The brain might be physically damaged.

      The mind might be unstable

      The thought processes might be "voluntarily" harmed by the things which the person chooses to believe or chooses to indulge.

      There can be a combination of these factors.