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    • As a Sony Artisan of Imagery, I had a chance to shoot the A7II a few weeks before the camera was announced. I was asked to shoot a wedding with the camera, however I did not have a wedding in the timeframe I was given so I had to get creative. Long story short, I produced a shoot with a wedding related theme. A bride goes shopping for her wedding dress, finds the dress of her dreams and wants to get married the very same day.

      "The Bridal Salon Elopement"

      Sony wanted about twenty still images from me. I delivered forty or so images, plus I filmed a short story using the 4k video on the camera. I wanted to give them more than they asked for. I shot the all the images and the video shot in just under seven hours.

      For the price of this camera it is absolutely amazing, In my opinion it's an A9 that shoots only 10FPS instead of 20FSP. It focuses fast, the image quality is stunning and has all the great features of other Sony Cameras, including the new longer lasting battery and silent shutter, which I use when photographing weddings.

      Over all I was very pleased with the result. The fun part about this opportunity is that it challenged me to create a personal project, which needed to be executed in a timeframe that seemed impossible, and yes came with it's obstacles, but never the less I overcame the hurdles and had fun doing what I love, creating imagery with my camera.


    • How much post editing? In camera black and white? Are the stills to be out of camera with camera settings only or digitally developed?
      In reviews it is always nice to see the closest out of camera shot with details on settings.
      Can be fun having to go outside the normal scope to get creative.
      Some lovely shots in there.

    • This was an interesting camera model release. I converted over to a couple different a6xxx cameras and it has worked really well for my workflow. BUT, there is some stuff I would like to have more file size to work with. I understand the A7III is more of a hybrid of the A9 and the A7 series but I still mostly lust for the a7RII or III. Great photo btw...what sort of optics were you given? This looks like their staple 50mm 1.8?

    • Incredible shots and great creativity putting together an impromptu wedding, Robert. Love it.

      The A7III looks pretty great for the money. For people getting into mirrorless, it’s a wonderful all around camera to start with.

      I was impressed enough when the A7 gen 1 line was released, that I switched from Canon DSLR’s. It’s amazing how far Sony has come since then. I have gen 2's now, the A7II, A7RII, and A7SII. It seems that DSLR’s are still ahead of the gen 2 line in terms of autofocus. Is it worth switching to the gen 3 (short of the rumored A7SIII)? How does the AF compare? That's really the only thing the gen 2 line is really lacking to make it a true pro-grade camera.

    • Nature Wanderer

      the A7III is more of a hybrid of the A9 and the A7 series but I still mostly lust for the a7RII or III

      Agreed -- I think the A7III is targeted for the all-around enthusiast. I think the A9, A7SII, and the A7RIII are the flagships of mirrorless for the unique strengths, unlike the A7III, a diluted mix.

      - A9 is the mirrorless for photographing weddings, sports, and stuff moving.
      - A7RIII is the mirrorless for photographing landscapes and studion stuff. A7RII is also pretty great.
      - A7SII is the mirrorless for great cinema on a budget.

      But you can save a few hundred for a pretty awesome camera, the A7III.

      For me, always shooting still scenes in the outdoors, it's hard to beat that 42MP Exmor R CMOS in the A7RII and III.

    • Both the  A7III, A7RIII, have the A9 focusing technology in them, both were released after the A9, they also come with the new batter,y which is a nice upgrade. A longer lasting battery was a big request for Sony shooters.

      Depending on what you shoot, should be a deciding factor in which Sony body you choose. I have shot the A7R III as well and its a beautiful camera, but I don't need the 42megapixel files for weddings, so the a7 III is a great compliment to my A9 on thee wedding day.

    • Gotcha. My A7RII 42MP raw files hover around 80 mb. Can't imagine what it would be like dealing with thousands of those if I were shooting weddings.

      Do you shoot your weddings in raw or JPEG? Or if both, how do you decided when to shoot raw?