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    • I’ve been reading Inc Magazine on and off since the late 1980s. Pre-Internet, there would be great analyses of brick and mortar business, from a family run hardware store to a local deli to Inc. 5000 high tech firms. But over the last ten years they decided to survive by focusing on internet business profiles and the “in businesses”—the winter issue featured the Impossible Burger company. However, I hadn’t read the mag in months and I decided to get caught up on a stack of back issues over the long President’s weekend.

      Sadly, I discovered that literally half the magazine was branded content: for thirty pages every odd numbered page was a branded content infomercial.

      Sigh, I try to read off of physical paper, instead of being glued to my phone, but the world makes it less and less efficient to do so.

      End of rant.

    • I absolutely hate reading or doing much of that kind of activity on my smartphone. Bought a Kindle (second one since first died) and that I don't find myself using too much either. Instead, I'd rather relax on a couch and read on big screen - 54" for now, or at least on a computer monitor. It's so much easier on my eyes, not to mention the experience of having an actual keyboard, versus pecking obscure virtual keys.. I am old school, I know...

    • Yerp. I basically only use a phone for ... phone calls. Plus some music and maps in the car.

      These days it's remarkable how often I'll be somewhere and I note that I am the only person not glued to a phone. Never got the habit.

      I reckon at least 5 times in the last month I have had to stop my pushbike lest some glued zombie walks into me or the dog.

      As for the print magazine industry - well - it's been in its death throes for a while now. There are still some that are surviving OK - but they are mostly niche market publications like the ones I contribute to.