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    • It’s surreal that even the Surgeon General has a DIY YouTube about face masks:

      In our neighborhood, Toni is a higher authority. Her masks have a pouch for polypropylene, the washable, reusable, safe fabric that offers very fine filtration. It’s what N95 masks are made with.

      A local charity has made 350 of them so far to ship to nurses in poor areas, and Toni’s friend who runs a children’s clothing maker, is doing same from fabric scraps. Our neighbor is making them for local 👮. Her husband is one.

      Toni figured out where to buy rolls of the material. It feels like paper towel, but she sandwiches the poly between two layers of cotton. 💪

      Pictured: big roll of poly. Inside of mask on left pulled open to show poly insert. There’s a bendable wire where the nose goes to make a decent seal. Mask on right is front.