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    • I live off the beaten path, in a small coastal shrimping village. We are the only SC coastal zip code without a positive case of COVID-19. Probably because nobody is visiting (2 restaurants and boat landing are closed) and we only head south 32 miles to shop at the grocery/drug stores and COSTCO.

      So, definitely a big downward spike in mobility here!

    • Huh. I live by Google and thought that with all the traffic data they have with maps, they could do some pretty amazing before and after maps of specific areas wher you could zoom in. For example, compare February 1 to the current day’s traffic on a map.

      I had to drive yesterday to get a Covid blood test and the traffic felt surprisingly normal.

    • Chris, I hope the test was Negative!

      When we went down to Charleston on Thursday, I'd say traffic felt about 75% compared to normal.

      SC does not have a "stay at home" order in effect; just non-essential businesses closed.

      Last weekend the boat landings and beaches were jam packed; like a 3 day holiday weekend. On Monday, the Governor closed all public beach and boat (ramp) access points. The latter has a lot of people upset since you rarely fish within 100 yards of another boat and it's pretty easy to social distance on a boat if with a non-family member. I tend to fish solo unless near or off-shore.