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    • Chris, I think this will be my 4th visit to OX... It's been great to see it grow over the years. Vegasphotog said it well,

      Once every five years will be good enough for me.

      Vendors are selling stuff with big discounts. And OX is a great place to go and get inspiration. It feels good to be surrounded by like minded people. People who are curious, with itchy feet and a desire to travel. There's a mix of full blown adventurers and weekend warriors. Lots of olive drab clothing with more than enough pockets (the 4x4 crew). Then there are moto guys, 75% of which are riding their 1200GS' slowly on the pavement while standing on the pegs. And there is the handfull of cyclists who are smelly with holes in their clothes.

      I poke fun, but it's really a great environment. The presentations and round table discussions will inspire and educate. Checking out all the homemade and professional made vehicles is like being a kid in a candy store. The cream of the crop vehicles are upwards of a half-million dollars... Insane!

      For anyone who is at all curious about overlanding, I highly recommend checking it out, at least once. It's worth it.

    • I am thinking about making a run down here in January....mostly to kayak....should I bring my mountain bike (mostly to get around locally) or would it be target for vandals as iDrive down Baja?

    • If it's a bike that is of no value to you, don't stress it too much. If it's expensive, you had better make sure it's locked up and/or in your sight. But in general, be smart just as you would around home and it "shouldn't" be an issue. Have a great trip!