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    • Let this sink in: misinformation dropped 73% the week after Twitter blocked T-rump from tweeting. Not exactly sure what their population is. They go on to talk about how facebook’s AI recommends people to radicalized groups. Social media does more harm than good.

    • So in fact it was social media's fault, all along. They could have fixed this but never did, nor do they do so on a grand scale going forward. It's just too big of a cash cow. And they raised it since it was a tiny calf! It's theirs. These are companies who should be forbidden from spewing their venom any further in the public internet space. They are the ones driving the 'divide' in population.

    • You got that right. Add in those AI programs that send people to extreme and conspiracy videos and such and you have the makings of a serious threat. One day it’s going to come out that they knew all along but were negligent. Rich get richer on the backs of the poor. This time they really screw them. Unnecessary death to hundreds of thousands of people, destroyed relationships due to fights about nonsense, direct threats to democracy, give the rich a tax cut and the list goes on. Hypocrits.

    • Yes, the evolution to the current paroxistic rapaciousness of the corporations, which is in fact driven by stock market greed, has now in USA overwhelming control over politics, thus governing us all into a train wreck of their choice. We are too stupid to see and too powerless to overcome a system corrupt to the core. (maybe it could be fixed??) What dRumpf alluded to and what got his supporters in millions wasn't primarily racism on demand, it was the 'drain the swamp' retoric which I reckon got him a lot more adepts than the former. But of course we know he can't deliver anything except for incendiary words and beautiful lies! Everyone says so! And he had an agenda that was nowhere near as noble as his empty words, turned hat slogans. As you notice, everyone including media is focusing on racism and completely ignoring the much deeper crisis the American society has and is experiencing, namely a 'knee' on their souls not only on their throats.. they just can't name it because of how they have been brought up, brain washed. What is the difference between the beliefs an American has in the way society ought to function, and a North Korean? One only needs to change a bit the subject topics, spin that mental image a bit, the image of mass psychosis is stil present, with different topics. Communists use your fears on you, capitalists, your greed and fear. If you let them. Get money out of politics; we're mixing the methods with the results, in fact the 'results' have usually nothing or very little to do with majority of human voter's will for their society.

      Social media has divided society in click idiots and abstinents, for those who realize it.

    • I agree. The road ahead won’t be an easy one. There’s an opportunity here though for someone like Bernie Sanders to educate people on how they are being screwed and to actually make a difference and fight for them.

    • I'm not going to pretend that social media companies don't have a role in all of this because they absolutely do, but...

      I also think that they provide a platform and ultimately it is the people who produce the messages and the people who consume them that are at fault here.

      The fact that there is a means of communication that I can use to distribute lies and idiocy and provoke violent reactions doesn't mean that I have to or that I should.

      Similarly the fact that there is somebody out there using that platform to send out messages that are clearly unbalanced or inflammatory or hate filled doesn't mean that I have to listen to them, absorb them and react in an equally ridiculous way myself.

      Yes, the increase in access to information and various news and opinion sources does mean that people are going to be exposed to a lot more crap, but it equally means that they have a lot more access to fact check and get other balanced opinions on things.

      We should not expect the messengers to censor and control all communication that passes through social media platforms and the criticism that they would receive if they did would be just as great as that they receive for not doing so.

    • So in fact it was social media's fault, all along.

      To be fair, the 73% number is a drop on Twitter.

      Twitter is the conduit, the amplifier. Trump acted as an anchor, giving fake legitimacy to fake news, even further boosted by other media reporting on what happens on twitter. How many sites, and even TV news programs, get their stories from twitter and twitter comments?

      The other part is just the tool providing a self reinforcing feedback loop on the popularity of the content. That's always been a part of advertising, to me one of the real culprits is the targeting. No other medium other than mail has that ability to individually target and influence on an individual level.

      it equally means that they have a lot more access to fact check and get other balanced opinions on things

      This is not the case, the information fed to users on social media is very targeted.

    • Theres some truth in what you say but you can’t divest all responsibility from them. Particularly when they promote lies and conspiracies through their AI recommendation system. People don’t fact check or not the regular people who are easily fooled. Too much misinformation being proliferated.

    • Theres some truth in what you say but you can’t divest all responsibility from them.

      Oh, I'm not. I said in my first sentence that they carry responsibility. I just don't think that they should carry all of it.

    • Oh I didn’t say they should carry all of it either. Trump first. Republican Party second. Fox News third. Social media fourth. People can’t be fully blamed for not being too smart, having a poor education or not having been taught critical thinking skills. We try to reduce charlatans selling bunk cures and don’t blame the gullible too much and this holds in this case. Those who know better have to be held accountable.

    • Yeah the social media is like the magician & show performer who never tells anyone that they're in for actual scams.. What could possibly be wrong with that, are the individuals who even click past the 'disclaimer' fine print without reading, aware, or caring about consequences to their mental state? What about damage by inciting hate and violence?

    • It's not just on the right. The far left peddles the same nonsense. AOC constantly accuses anyone who doesn't toe the line with her agenda of being corrupt and taking corporate money, even though it's illegal for any candidate to take corporate money.

      You'd be hard pressed to find any AOC supporter willing to admit that candidates don't actually take any corporate money.

    • This just goes to show how important it is that social media companies have a quality filter for what’s true and what isn’t. Sadly, peoples’ own fears can lead them to believe some crazy stuff.

    • I think the filter should be determined by service price, What @Chris and team should build is a platform that actualy sells visibility, based on verified trustworthiness. Any average joe could post but his 'voice' should not be visible to many, there ought to be a criteria to help build a 'visibility' points system.. and use it. Kind of like in video games, next game levels. The panels idea wasn't too far off but it's clumsy and has no growth potential.

    • I suppose it depends on who decides your score and what it means if your score is low.

      I think the problem is deeper than social media. The US has had some pretty crazy things happen in our history even without social media. The good thing right now is that at least it's in the open and we can actually discuss tactics and strategies to make things better over time.

      The fact is the way our political system is designed it encourages appealing to the extremists, as they're the ones most likely to vote in a primary.

    • One would think but...40% or more of Americans believe it. Just look at the number of conspiracies and crazy stuff Americans (and others) believe. The percentage of the population that is educated well enough and has enough critical thinking skills to analyze this stuff isn’t all that high. So called common sense fails even otherwise intelligent people.

    • The credibility and fact check idea is an extremely complex and challenging one. Whomever solves it is likely to become very wealthy indeed. Or increase their current wealth.

    • I don't think the banking, transportation, construction, and energy industries in Canada are nationalized. Along with free higher education and guaranteed government jobs for everyone?