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    • Once again I almost didn't do this today. I'm tired, thinking doesn't work well when I'm tired and I've struggled with some things today because of it. Then it dawned on me, this too shall pass.

      I'm grateful for the knowledge that so much in our lives is temporary. When life feels like too much, when things aren't going as we want, when we're missing people in our lives and feeling sad, this too shall pass.

    • I don't think I ever fully realized (and maybe I still don't) the angst so many people go through in everyday life. Parents in our neighborhood, wonderful people, out walking their dogs. They have financial independence, they raised a good family, they have good health, nice homes, safe neighborhoods... And yet, there is sadness and angst because the family grew up and left, they're coming to the end of their careers, and what is next? How do they keep the feeling that they have a purpose and mission and are needed, which they crave?

      Or very young couples out walking their dogs. The pressure. How to balance career & parenting and still have a life? What if they lose their jobs, the economy turns down?

      I'm grateful for the support we offer each other, when we do, and the ability to talk about it this way. Compelling photo, btw. I love what you did with the door showing through the upper hand.

    • why have i never seen this self portrait before! "lucy you have some asplainin' to do"

      ...seriously this is fantastic

      on a side note, now that i have found you here, i wonder if there is anyways we could make the hunt work here on Cake? i see so much potential with this platform though there are some things currently that would hinder the hunt here like lack of communities and dedicated image albums to name a few, but i love how images are displayed here and it really has a great feel all around

    • Thanks Mark - can't remember what I took this for. It's been a few years. :)

      I could reach out to Chris McAskill probably to find out more about where they see this heading. Right now Elizabeth and I have a place we're working on that may/should/could work. When I get back from my trip we'll be doing a small 'test hunt' with the Dream Team and a judge or two just to see how it will work.

    • Hi Chris - I'm on vacation at the moment - when I get back I'll send you some details. Right now we are looking at Mighty Networks to host our scavenger hunt.