Not meaning that you have to be upside down and in pain while viewing. My art is created digitally and an image may employ as many as 4 or 5 different software packages (Photoshop, Akvis, etc) in development. This is a cut-out from "A Special Performance" (Last post made). "A Special Performance" is 1350 x 1061 pixels. Every pixel has been hand painted by mouse using a brush usually around 10 pixels at 400% enlargement. Much of the detail is done using 2 -8 pixel brushes. This cut-out was made at 300% and retains good definition. Not all my work is at this level of density. Those with my signature are. Most of my artistic attention is given to the backgrounds. The main feature is often somewhat neglected if is not significant to the overall effect.

Hope you found this somewhat helpful. Bottom line is; if you want to see what i am painting enlarge and look at the background.