If everyone thinks that changing what they're doing isn't going to change the world in any way, where's the incentive to move towards cleaner technology?

This is why I think one of the best ways to bring about meaningful change is to support the creation of better alternatives. Not just alternatives, but better ones, so that people would be silly not to change once they're able to.

I love driving. I used to feel guilty about it. Last year I was finally able to buy an electric car that I like more than any gas car. Now I still get to do what I love, and I can feel less guilty knowing that my car (at least when I charge it at home) is powered by electricity that primarily comes from clean sources like hydro and wind. Maybe someday you'll be able to trade your gas motorcycle for an electric one you like even more.

I also love meat. I'm not thrilled about the environmental impact of eating it, but I'd hate to give it up. So I'm really excited about the advances being made in synthetic and plant-derived meat substitutes. I'd love to be able to switch to something that tastes like meat but is better for the environment.

Obviously it's valuable when people choose to drive less or fly less or consume fewer animal products, because every little bit helps. But I think most people are like me: we're not crusaders. We'd like to change, but not at too significant a cost to our own happiness.

I'm not really proud of it, but it's the truth. 🤷‍♂️