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    • kevin
      Kevin Harrington

      God I love that bike. Hard not to photograph it. That XC4 engine makes it the most perfect adventure thumper I've ever ridden.

    • VR

      Took it a few years ago in its natural habitat. Suzuki DRZ-400SM, modded the hell out of it, but its really about the scenery here 😉

    • RussP

      Torres del Paine National park Chile, two up trip a few years ago.

    • flei

      Before I learned to check the bottom before attempting to ride through a deep puddle. Mired in silt. Dusk. Mosquitos. 50 miles from home. Z-drag (on ground to the right) could not budge it. I had to walk a mile out of the woods but then got lucky and found a kid with an ATV to winch me out. I love adventure riding!

    • vegasphotog

      I no longer moto, but, in my Alaska days...Even with TKC's, a little too much throttle (me on the left....yes, somewhat staged) can be hazardous. LOL

    • Chris

      This was my BMW that I rode all over Mexico and Alaska. I sold it to get a Ural so doggie could come along but I still miss it terribly.

    • Vilen

      Every summer my dad likes to go on these epic months-long rides across America and Canada. He even started his YouTube channel Aleks Biker where he documents and narrates his crazy trips (in Russian language).

      For last year's Father's day he asked me to take pics of him riding on local roads for the channel. So I recruited my girlfriend to drive the hatchback with an open rear door while I was hanging off the back with the camera, snapping pics. It proved to be a lot more difficult in practice than I imagined it. The biggest issue was keeping balance from rolling inside the car on all those twisty roads, but it was absolutely worth it.

      Here is his setup with the handmade mirror mounts:

    • jlevers

      But here's its preferred habitat, somewhere in eastern New Mexico. I'd always wanted to get a shot like this, and I finally got the opportunity, although it's a little blurry because a car was coming :)

      Motorcycles are pretty much my favorite thing on the planet -- I'm really enjoying this conversation so far. Keep em coming!

    • kevin
      Kevin Harrington


      Reminds me of Green Laning the Mojave. Lost my plate and blinkers that day. I blame the Joshua Trees 🌵🌳

    • kevin
      Kevin Harrington

      OMG is that the Dalton Highway? After living in Utah I've vowed never to ride in snow again. There's no feedback for how close you are to falling.

    • Shay

      single track in the Kerry mountains, no cell coverage, no other traffic, feeling of being truly alone which is so hard to get in crowded Europe.

    • vegasphotog

      I hear ya....we had hand studded our TKC's but it is still pretty foolish. But, I wear the fool's hat a'plenty. LOL That was taken in an area called Bellinger Pass off the Glenn Highway near Eureka. Here is a summertime shot.

    • RussP

      Chris if you ever feel like a ride during your winter, let me show you around New Zealand or Tasmania during our summer.

    You've been invited!