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    • Back road?! That looks like a trail for burros. Was Guatemala AMAZING?! We went to Tikal and I saw some adventure bikes there but couldn't find the owners. I was dying to hear about their adventures.

    • I love Guatemala. And talk about cheap... I stayed in one place that was small but clean for $7/night. I rode mostly dirt roads and goat trails - these are the same road/paths the workers use to get to the fields and orchards so I was constantly passing men and families on their way to and from work. What I really loved were the colors. Maybe a separate Guatemala thread is in order.

    • Oh I think I recognize that road! Kings Mountain above Portola Valley? I love everything about that road.

      I shot this back in the day of Fish after lunch at Alice's Restaurant in the hills:

    • Ha! I never heard of the Urewera Ranges so I did a google search and this is what Google thought was most relevant:

    • Took a beginner friend with a 150F on an adventure through Mojave. This is the 150F in its natural state, unable to go up anything... 🤪

      Rode up the big hill climb without dropping gears on the KTM. The 150 on the other hand didn't get too far. I got on it, couldn't even ride it to the top.

    • Damn, Kai. What a shot!

      I went mountain biking up Mt. Umunhum above San Jose and was feeling sorry for myself because it's a nasty climb, when this guy appears with this home made mountain bike rack on his BMW GS. I was pretty envious.

    • Here is my Aprilia out riding in the Sierras with my wife. We stopped here to pour a couple MSR bottles of fuel in my tank because I only have about 100 mile range.

    • First trip on the new S1000XR earlier this month. This is the Payette River in Idaho—on the way up to Alberta to ride the Icefields Parkway.

    • I love the hair pin of the road in these shots. Never thought to look away from the view.

      👇Looking from the end of a trail into the Wasatch mountains.

    • That's me there in the center riding with a desert tank. I would carry a siphon tube with me so my friends could fill up their tiny little thumpers on long desert rides.

      We'd duct tape water bottles full of gasoline to the fenders. Sometimes they'd carry 1-liter bottles of gas in backpacks. Sometimes we'd even stash 5 gallon gas cans on road crossings the night before a ride.

      Now thinking about it, MSR bottles would have been wayyy safer. Occasionally those water bottles of gas would break, but luckily we never had ignition 😬

    • Giant Loop makes soft fuel bags now too, and they have much larger capacity than the .88L MSR bottles. I may need a couple of them if I ever ride this bike to Alaska.

    • This truly is an EPIC picture! Where was it taken, what is the story behind it? How did you get the lighting so well with all those shadows and the sky? This is definitely the next level 👏