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    • Keenan Wells

      Any golfers in the house?! Ive been pretty interested in Tiger’s return from what’s seemed like a years long recovery from back issues. And he’s playing well! His swing looks as good as ever and he’s out driving most of the field! The question is, will he ever win another major?

      I sure would love to see that. It’d be one of the more exciting sports comeback stories of all time IMO

    • I think he will come back to win more than one major in the future. He's still pretty young for a golfer and having had back issues myself I know that sometimes it takes a few years to get your back strong and manage the pain. He has the built in skill and mental ability to get the job done.

    • That’s a good point, back issues seem like they would be very challenging to navigate. Hopefully he doesn’t suffer any further issues.

    • Barring injury, I think he will win a few majors in the years to come. His commitment to the game is just amazing. It’s one of the things that’s allowed him to become such a great golfer.

    • I've always believed he'll find his second wind and win one more. If his back issues are behind him and he can be relatively pain free, then yeah, no reason to think he doesn't win one more. We've seen guys older than him win majors, so it's definitely doable.

    • I hope Tiger wins a major soon. It's so much more fun to root for the guy now than it was when ESPN could have been renamed TWHC (Tiger Woods Highlight channel).

    • Amazing! I saw that he won for the first time in 5 years! One of the greatest athletes ever completes one of the greatest comebacks ever.

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