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    • 'Sometimes you just have to stop and say hello.'

      Out riding on Tambourine Mountain and this fine fellow was on the prowl. Some people welcome the Diamond Python, they keep the Rodents at bay, or the cats. I'll stick with the Green Tree Frogs.

      Nikon D90, 18-200 Zoom, 1/250 F10 ISO 640

      Sharpened in Photoshop.

    • I luv Highland coos, enough to wander through the mud and manure to photograph them.
      I even have a couple shots of them with Scottish rainbows over them 😎

    • For about ten minutes the Universe smiled at us, and that fox sat and posed in soft diffused sunlight while we photographed it. I must have several hundred frames of that rascal. It was glorious. One of my best efforts ever, and all because the gods smiled at us that morning. 👍🏻

      What a great set of images in this thread, from several different continents.
      How cool is that!!?? ❤️