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    • Please show us your best Creature photos of the week. Wildlife, pets, and whatever creatures you've captured on camera. If there is a wild chase story or a long wait to get the shot, please tell us.

      What gear and camera settings did you use?

      We want everyone to learn and provide a constructive critique. The photo with most comments and reactions will be featured as a cover in next week's Thursday Creature Photography Challenge.

      Here is my Creature entry: Bambi?

      Wildpark in Zofingen, Switzerland, has some beautiful deer roaming around.

      On a sunny Sunday morning, we drove up to the top of the hill overlooking Zofingen's old city. There is a big park open free to the public all day and night. A section of that park is dedicated to animals. It is not a zoo, but a fenced-off section for animals to roam. Very clean and very quiet. We felt much closer to the animals standing about about 3 feet (1 meter) away, and they didn't mind us.

      Editing: Lightroom adjustment of color balance (shade), contrast and clarity (texture).

      Camera: Sony A7s

      Lens: FE 35 f1.4

      Settings: f1.4, 1/500, ISO 100

    • Took this photo earlier this week with my OnePlus 7T. Cats just seem attracted to me for some reason. It's like they can sense that I like them. Here I was enjoying my breakfast at a kedai mamak, and of all the people that were there, this cat came up to me to ask for some food. I couldn't neglect the meows for too long so I ended up sharing my chicken with this feline creature.

    • An Australian Owlet-nightjar in a hollow previoisly occupid by a pair of Red-rumped parrots, they want their home back, the nighjar doesn't want to leave.

      Canon 5Dmk4, 1/200 Sec, F10 ISO 1000 Sigma 150-600mm at 600mm on a tripod wiht gimbal head fitted.

    • I take you back to quite early in the history of consumer digital cameras and the "KODAK DC4800 ZOOM DIGITAL CAMERA"

      It and similar early compacts represented a breakthrough in motorcycle 'travelogue-raphy' back then. By today's standards the images are ... well, 17 years old in a rapidly advancing tech.

      One day in September 2003 there were three of us riding a variety of Suzuki ADV bikes through what I can only describe as a surreal landscape as we followed, with the sun, the retreating rain squalls that were making their way north along the Firth of Thames side of New Zealand's Upper Coromadel Peninsula.

      The dirt road is well-made and it winds and twists along the black volcanic rock coastline from Coromadel Town to Port Jackson at the tip - you can just make it out on the left through the gloom. It is a jaw dropping ride.

      We rounded a crest and this vista opened before us. I stopped the DR650 and pulled the genuinely pocket size Kodak out - and let rip.

      I didn't see the pair of what I believe to be Hector's Dolphins or Tupoupou until I dowloaded the day's pics.

      If you ever get the chance to ride around the Coromandel - plan to do it twice.

      Do the lower loop once on a good handling road bike. It's GOT to be one of the best day rides there is - anywhere.

      Then do the upper peninsula Dirt ride on a mid size ADV or off road bike.

    • These unconcerned mountain goats where simply walking in the middle of tourists, just off the Icefields Parkway (Alberta - Canada). Using a Tamron AF 18-270mm (at 210.0 mm in 35mm) f/8 (1/250) ISO100.

      few more from same trip:

      154.0 mm (248.8 mm in 35mm) Aperturef/5.6Exposure Time0.005s (1/200)ISO160

      @ 270.0 mm (436.2 mm in 35mm) f/6.3 (1/250) ISO400

    • A baby Eastern Water Dragon in my front Yard in Brisbane. I don't remember what camera. I just like him. He's about 4" long and will grow up to two-three feet or more. They love grapes.

    • 'Sometimes you just have to stop and say hello.'

      Out riding on Tambourine Mountain and this fine fellow was on the prowl. Some people welcome the Diamond Python, they keep the Rodents at bay, or the cats. I'll stick with the Green Tree Frogs.

      Nikon D90, 18-200 Zoom, 1/250 F10 ISO 640

      Sharpened in Photoshop.

    • I luv Highland coos, enough to wander through the mud and manure to photograph them.
      I even have a couple shots of them with Scottish rainbows over them 😎

    • For about ten minutes the Universe smiled at us, and that fox sat and posed in soft diffused sunlight while we photographed it. I must have several hundred frames of that rascal. It was glorious. One of my best efforts ever, and all because the gods smiled at us that morning. 👍🏻

      What a great set of images in this thread, from several different continents.
      How cool is that!!?? ❤️