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    • I went out to Colorado Bend State Park in Texas in an attempt to take some night sky pictures of the Milky Way. CBSP is one of the darkest area around me, so I have gone there a few times for astrophotography. Unfortunately, the clouds moved in and covered the galactic core. And Jupiter was very prominent on this night as well.

      But I did get a nice firefly leaving a trail of light across my long exposure along the Colorado River.

    • That fluorescent green firefly trail really adds to the mystery of the shot. Would you mind sharing what camera you took this shot with and the exposure time?

    • My cameral is a Nikon D750 and the lens is a Rokinon 14mm f/2.4. This was a 20 second exposure, at ISO3200. With the sensor active and the shutter open for 20 seconds, every time he flashed his tail, I got a little yellow dot on the image.

      My intent was capturing the galactic core over the river, but the clouds ruined that. I saw this firefly buzzing by so I took a shot to see what I would get.

      There were also a lot of deer around and every time I turned on my lamp, I would see eyes everywhere. But just deer.