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    • I used to play Candy Crush a lot some years back, and I believe the reason why it got so popular was Facebook.

      Games that link to Facebook go viral because people see their friends and family playing it, and so they want to try it, and end up getting hooked because of the nature of the game and the competitiveness it creates between friends and family. That social aspect of games is a big marketing tool for game developers. It's why many mobile games would rather ask you to sign in using your Facebook account rather than your Google account (which is much easier since you're already signed in on your phone), because nobody will see you playing it if you don't post it to Facebook.

    • that is interesting that a book is out like that, I wonder who the author is and has had any success to be able to write such a book (i haven't researched) but do the game developers give credit to such books

      as for your statement saying you've seen the pitch countless times - "install this game, it's really addictive", that to me is almost reverse psychology in play, where most will think "i don't get addited to games..."

    • I played it for a few years after work as a way to stop my brain from fixating on the day’s events at a highly stressful job. That was several years ago and my current job is sleep inducingly boring by comparison so I haven’t felt any interest in playing it again.

      Here’s more info on how I’ve used video games to manage stress 👇