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    • Waving hello... I'm in North Texas now but you can't take the Califorina out of the girl ;-). I was in MDR a few months ago and the plants and succulents along the Venice canals were amazing after a winter of good rain. Have you done a photowalk there?

    • I thought this Dana Point edition turned out beautifully! I had no idea there were SO many dolphins and whales in the Dana Point area - thank you for educating me, Captain Dave! And I even liked the timelapse of the Dana Point Harbor, although the boats did look like they were wiggling a bit :)

    • They keep getting better. 👏 My favorite part was the Interview with Tim Cook and his drone footage of the whales. I didn't realize that he had a side hustle. I also didn't know Dana Point was such a good place to watch whales and dolphins, but he sold me.

      I always love hearing from the locals. The surfer who explained how they became the center of producing films like Endless Summer was fascinating.

    • Thanks again Victoria. This was your idea. I originally was going to go there in the spring, after Laguna, Newport and Seal Beach, but just couldn't pull it off at the time. I've lived in SoCal for multiple decades, I had no idea about the dolphin/whale population either!

    • Thanks Chris--as you know, my favorite part about doing these videos is making new friends in each port and getting to interview them! Hopefully, that and the photography is what makes these ones different from other travel videos.

      As for the production--I had some help on this one, from the great Sean Fujiwara on camera. Can you imagine me trying to talk to the camera on a tripod as the boat is rocking and rolling through the waters? Also, I switched from GoPro in the JAWS attachment to the Karma gimbal. Made a big difference for me--I was surprised to see how much of a difference there was.

      Thanks again for watching!