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    • I have a number of photos hanging around of odd things that caught my eye. Most are not very good, technically speaking - just snapshots of curiosities I've come across. Since they don't really belong in any of the other collections I've posted to, I thought I'd start a new conversation. Please feel free to comment and share your own.

      This one's a photograph of one of a rather odd intersection sign near Brockville, Ontario, Canada.

    • Cool sign and great topic

      I have an image I shot years ago when I was an intern, with Tri-X.

      It always seemed slightly askew to have this window in a training hospital setting. Maybe that was just me.

      Today I would have tried to use a telephoto, but my camera back then was a single, 45mm, non-interchangeable lens...

    • Hah - were they being intentionally creepy?

      Speaking of creepy, I spotted this odd advertisement for a tailor in Montreal. It has a “This is your brain on measuring tape” vibe.

    • This is a photograph of a door that was building into construction hoarding around a building under renovation. For those of you looking on your phone, someone has chalked in the words "The Land of Chalk Drawings" above the door, and if you're of a certain vintage that will probably remind you of a song, and a television show...

    • It is not from a prison, but from a fast food restaraunt...... Seemed noteworthy to me, hence, the image, which is otherwise, not noteworthy at all 😟

    • A young lady who was amazingly flexible. She was performing on Grafton Sreet, Dublin and squeezed herself into this glass box !

    • In Toronto there's an affluent street called Inglewood Drive.

      One Christmas, someone put up one of those inflatable Santa ornaments, and a neighbour called the city to complain about it. Well, people didn't think that complaining about Santa was very much in the spirit of Christmas, so they decided to send a message to the picky neighbour. Now nearly every house on the street has a giant inflatable Santa at Christmas, and the street is colloquially known as 'Kringlewood' at Christmas.

    • This one's a curious one I wish I could shoot again with more time to figure out how to do it well - but I had never seen this before or since, and it didn't last long.

      It happened in the aftermath of an ice storm that hit Ontario and Quebec (and probably the much of Northeastern USA) a few years ago - late one afternoon the sun suddenly poked through the clouds and bathed the ice-covered trees in the distance with golden light, while leaving everything in the near ground under the usual ambient light. The sky was filled with the kind of clouds that have dark bottoms, which is why you see in the background here.

    • This is a picture I took in the London Underground in December 2007. It was my first time in London, I believe, I was in transit to attend the first public gig of Portishead in 10 years, at an ATP festival in Minehead.

      Can't be entirely sure, think this is the Paddington station, but in any case, I found the lighting and the rhyming and subtexts here strangely poetic.

    • That is quite a pleasing composition, with the balance of yellow across, white and black elements, and a rainbow echoed by the arc of the building. I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'rhyming' here, though.