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    • Exciting news that there is more word that Tesla's will be fully autonomous soon!

      Is the stock ready to skyrocket?

      I think no, because I think investors have already priced the stock assuming the cars are mostly Level 4 ready. The online builder has alluded to this for a few months now via that $5k checkbox for full self-driving later on when it's ready.

      The computer chip currently shipping in autopilot Teslas is the Nvidia Drive PX 2. Do we know if Tesla is independently designing this next-gen chip as Elon alludes in the PR announcement or is it still a partnership with Nvidia?

    • All the hardware? I buy that. The problem is the software which will take a lot of development to get ready for driving on city streets (how long has google been doing that?) and then it'll take a lot of time and testing to get regulatory approval so I wouldn't expect it for a few years at least. The good news here is that when it does come cars sold today likely will be able to get it as just another software update.

    • These sort of incidents need to get more air time. Unfortunately the only stuff you see on the news are the failures of the technology.

      Also, I highly doubt Tesla is as far as Elon says. He's been pumping fully self driving for many many years now. To the point that I think the sale of the self driving package is getting close to making fraudulent claims, and I understand Tesla finally removed it.