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    • The unfortunate bit is that you get this wall of text and you don't get the recordings of our conversations to date. Just my one-sided summary. I have asked these questions and without the politicizing you highlighted. My sister, per texts last night, has also been very vocal with him about his choice, and unsatisfied with his answers, has similarly barred her children from going to his home over the last year-plus.

      My specific wording done here is done with intent, as it is an example of many trends we have here in the country. While some think I should handle this completely offline, my feeling is that we are too often only talking about this after some disaster has occurred. My choice here is to instead talk about it before an incident happens, as a point in time. If we can have open discussions about safety and how one person's choices have downstream effects, even if they are uncomfortable, that's preferred to 72 point headlines and body counts.

      I would rather navigate hurt feelings and some embarrassment instead of identifying my kids in the morgue and hoping my insurance covers funeral costs.

      It is telling that my sister knew he had the gun for a year and chose not to tell me, as she had kept those conversations private. But by her knowing the gun may have been in the home and yet she didn't tell me, my kids may have been at risk. By talking publicly, I reduce that risk for my other relatives who probably also haven't been told.